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What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Premium Silicone Hoses


Flex Technologies Inc. is your source for silicone vacuum hoses, silicone heater hoses, silicone coolant hoses — and if you couldn’t tell by now — silicone hoses in general. If you’ve been looking for a silicone hose manufacturers worth their salt, we are confident that your search has likely ended.

Why such confidence? No one is as dedicated to customer satisfaction like we are. And while we are fully aware that any supplier of custom silicone hoses and tubes can claim to have exceptional customer service in addition to high-quality products, we’d like to show you why we stand alone. Indeed, as the title of today’s post no doubt already gave away, we are discussing what our customers are saying about our premium silicone hoses. But before we highlight some of our favorite reviews, we’d like to say a word or two about why our reputation matters so much to us.

Our Online Reputation

Online reviews matter to the modern consumer — that much is no secret. Whether you are selling a service or a product, the quality and quantity of your reviews can make or break your business. But it’s also the case that some kinds of products and services are more likely to get reviews than others. For instance, restaurants receive a great number of reviews more often than not, whereas a silicone hose manufacturer, for example, isn’t as likely to muster up the kind of emotion-driven consumer action as other industries.

Well, we should qualify that statement with most silicone hose manufacturers. We at Flex Tech take great pride in what our customers are saying about us and our silicone products. When you consider the fact that, by and large, most folks are going to be more inclined to write a review about a product when they feel it didn’t meet their expectations than vice versa, that our customers take the time to let us know we met their expectations means so much to us. And that’s exactly why we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase a few of them for our readers in today’s post. Enjoy!

Great quality product

Hoses are exactly as depicted and bends and elbows are consistent and accurate. Clamps are superior to standard screw type often found in your local auto parts. If you’re looking for high quality. here it is.” - Unknown, Aug 24, 2016, Five Stars

Boom! High quality indeed. This is exactly what we like to hear as the manufacturer of silicone hoses. Better than standard screw types, and better than OEM hoses. Get this great quality product for an affordable price. Thanks for the kind words, mystery customer!

90 degree elbow 10" legs... Tough to find

“I searched the net for a number of hours trying to find 5/8 red 90 degree elbow with 10" legs. 6" legs relatively common... 10" not so much. It's a good quality heater hose to be used on firewall connecting heater out/in. Thank flextech.” - MitchellAMARNTPOSTE, May 5th, 2017, Five Stars

We hear this a fair amount: folks scour the internet far and wide for a particular silicone part. In this case, it was a ⅝ red 90 degree elbow with 10” legs. We’ve got the part that others don’t, and we’ve got it for an affordable price. And you are quite welcome, Mitchell, thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us!

Everything you need

“Everything you need. Works great, I have only been buying lines through this company for all my cars.” - Danel, December 6th, 2016, Five Stars

Sometimes reviews are simple, just like the product’s function is. Thanks, Danel, for choosing us to be your go-to for silicone car hoses!

Absolutely perfect for the job

“I had nice looking stainless steel radiator hoses on my show car, but from expansion and contraction they would loosen and begin to leak. I trashed the stainless steel and replaced them with these Silicone Flex Hoses. I cut them to a perfect fit, no leaks, and the blue color is stunning on my show car. A 1941 Ford with a 5 liter Shelby Engine. and the hoses are awesome.” - Cal G., June 13th, 2017, Five Stars

We are glad you chose our silicone flex hoses for your show car. The blue would be a perfect fit with that 1941, we’d imagine! If you are looking for a perfect blend of performance, durability, and value, we’ve got you covered at Flex Tech. Thanks for taking the time to write these kind words, Cal!

SS Hose Clamps

“I am very happy with the quality and function of these 2-1/2" SS "T" bolt hose clamps. They are very much better than the standard, worm gear, hose clamps. Very robust and purposeful with wider bands and a large smooth saddle for complete clamp contact. There is no hose exterior surface damage done with these clamps.” - Bill K., June 17th, 2017, Five Stars

Bill, we appreciate your business and five-star review! And you are absolutely right, our hose clamps are just like the silicone hoses we carry in that they are vastly superior to standard OEM clamps. As you said, complete clamp contact is what you are looking for. But describers like “robust” and “purposeful” might make us blush. Just kidding, we don’t blush — we make world-class silicone tubes. Thanks again, Bill!

Unusual Use!”

“I bought this tubing to repair my favorite Box Kite. 5 3" sections of thinner 4mm ID tubing had held the struts in place while it was airborne since it was new. After years the thinner tubing wore out. Your thicker tubing seems to be just right. I'll let you know in a few more years!” - Unknown, Aug 15th, 2017, Five Stars

This is one of the more unique applications we’ve encountered in our fifteen years of existence! It goes to show, we offer well-made products here at Flex Tech. We admire your ingenuity, oh second mystery reviewer!

Excellent hose for turbo wastegate actuator

“Bought this hose to replace degraded wastegate hose on cummins engine turbo. This hose is sized properly to clamp to the 1/4 in tubing nipples on the turbo and actuator and appears to be better quality than the OEM hose that lasted 18yrs. I rated this hose 5-star based on proper size, appearance of superior quality and fast delivery; received only 2 days after placing order.” - Jim, August 12th, 2016, Five Stars

The final review we’d like to highlight in today’s post is one that also featured a five-star rating. We are thrilled the delivery was fast, the prize and quality was spot on, and everything else went according to Jim’s expectations. Jim, thanks for trusting us to meet your needs!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s post. We want our readers and prospective customers to be able to get a feel for what they can expect when they choose Flex Tech. And just so we are all clear here, we aren’t in the business of cherry-picking five-star reviews or anything. Just go on our site, browse our products for yourself, and see how many four and five-star reviews we’ve received over the years!

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