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What The World Would Be Like Without Silicone Hoses!


What would the world be like without silicone hoses?

How would your personal sphere be impacted?

We set about to explore these questions and come up with some answers in this blog post. Read on to find out how valuable silicone hoses really are!

Airplane Engines Would Be Heavier And Would Wear Out Faster

Silicone hoses figure prominently in the aerospace industry. In particular, they are found in airplane engines. Can you imagine if silicone hoses didn’t exist? Planes would require more metal or rubber parts in their engines.

Here’s the problem with that: Metal adds extra weight, and rubber doesn’t hold up as well over time. While metal is reliable, the added weight would create numerous flight and maneuverability challenges for the pilot. What’s more, it would up the cost of building airplanes, as well as flying them (heavier planes require more fuel), and these charges would be passed on directly to the consumer, making flight more expensive and even unattainable for some families.

Rubber parts can crack under the pressures and rigors of flight, making them not an ideal solution for airplane engines. When it comes to flight, reliability is of the utmost importance, making silicone hoses a great choice due to their durability.

Processing Plants Would Be Costlier And At Greater Risk Of Contamination

Plants that process foods and beverages rely on affordable materials that hold up well in extreme environments. Silicone hoses are made from material that resists high temperatures as well as humidity; in addition, this material does not degrade easily, so it does not leach into the ingredient streams, thus keeping the foods and drinks we consume free from contaminants.

If metal were to replace silicone hoses in these operations, two things might happen. The metal could potentially leach into the foods, making them unsafe (especially for the more sensitive individuals in our population). What’s more, the cost of producing and processing these foods could go up, since metal is more expensive to purchase than silicone hoses are.

If rubber were to replace silicone hoses, the risk of contamination could increase, since rubber presents a porous surface. For this reason alone, silicone hoses are typically the superior choice!

Custom Silicone Hoses

Coffee Makers, Refrigerators, And Other Appliances

You’re probably starting to see a pattern emerge here. Among the most popular and accessible materials for transporting liquids and fluids in a wide range of applications, including the appliances we use on a daily basis at home, silicone hose is the more affordable and reliable option in countless cases.

If your coffee maker, for example, had to rely on metal parts, its cost would go up. If all your appliances cost more, you would find it a financial hardship to purchase appliances for your new home or to replace them when they break down.

And if your refrigerator had rubber parts, it may break down quicker than you’d like. Rubber doesn’t always hold up well at temperature extremes; rubber can crack more easily than silicone. Again, if silicone didn’t exist, appliances might have to be replaced so often that we’d find it challenging to afford them!

It Largely Comes Down To Affordability And Reliability

It’s safe to say that in countless industries and applications, from the diesel engines in trucks that ship goods across long distances, to the manufacturing plants that process pharmaceuticals people rely on, silicone hoses bring many benefits to the table. They include:

  • Affordability: Time and again, silicone hoses are less expensive than metal parts to purchase and install, making them more affordable for the business owner and consumer alike.
  • Purity: Unlike rubber materials in many cases, silicone hoses do a better job of maintaining the purity of the contents passing through.
  • Design Ease: In many cases, it’s easier to design with flexible silicone hoses rather than have to rely on rigid metal parts.
  • Convenience: Silicone hoses give consumers and designers alike greater convenience, thanks to affordability (which lowers the cost of the goods we buy) and more design options being possible.
  • Reliability: Unlike rubber, which can crack and degrade under environmental hardships, silicone hoses remain intact in temperature, pressure, and humidity extremes.

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So what would our world be like without silicone hoses? In short, more expensive and less convenient. Design options would be limited. Production and operating costs would be higher, and these costs would be passed down to the consumer. Silicone hoses provide all of us with greater options and more accessibility to the products, appliances, and services we need!

To learn more about the pros of using silicone hoses in your design, get in touch with Flex Tech today. Our technical teams are ready to work closely with you to find the silicone hose parts you need for your specific design. We can also customize parts, if this works better for you. Options are plentiful when it comes to silicone hoses and tubing. Bring us your questions today!