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How Silicone Hoses Improve People’s Lives


Have you ever stopped to think about the many ways that silicone hoses improve our lives? As a premier silicone hose manufacturer and provider in the United States, we think about this all the time!

Today we decided to list some of the many ways that silicone hoses help people. Read on to find out how much more comfortable, safe, and efficient many aspects of your life are thanks to something as simple yet significant as a piece of silicone hose.

Your Food Is Safer

Silicone tubing keeps the ingredients passing through them intact. The material provides an effective barrier that keeps contaminants out. What’s more, silicone is able to operate at high temperatures, which are required in the safe processing of certain foods. For all of these reasons, silicone hoses maintain your produced food safer for consumption.

Safe Drinking Water And Other Beverages

Many water treatment plants nationwide use silicone hoses as integral components in the cleaning and sanitizing process.

What’s more, beverage companies (including microbreweries) also use silicone tubing for the safe processing of beers and other beverages they produce. If you enjoy the taste of your favorite brew, you can thank silicone for keeping your drink safe, pure, and delicious!

Your Cosmetics Are Free From Impurities

People who wear makeup trust that, when they apply a cosmetic product to their skin, it will be safe and free from impurities and allergens. Skin is porous, so whatever is applied to the skin actually penetrates through the layers of skin and into the body. A whole lot of systems within your body rely on the cosmetics you wear to be of the highest quality and purity possible.

Because many cosmetics are processed in facilities that use silicone tubing liberally, you can thank silicone for keeping your makeup safe to use!

You Can Rely On Pharmaceuticals That Are Not Contaminated

Pharmaceutical drugs also require absolutely clean ingredient streams during processing, with no impurities accidentally entering the streams and no cross-contamination taking place. Silicone is, once again, a great choice for these purposes. Your over-the-counter and prescription drugs are safer to take because silicone hoses keep the impurities out and the integrity in!

Custom Silicone Hose Solutions

Don’t Forget Your Car Engine

The colorful hoses in your car engine are most likely made from silicone material. It’s strong and reliable, and it’s able to operate at high temperatures, making it a great choice for car (and airplane) engines. Plus, the colors pop, making it easier to distinguish between hoses, and creating an overall attractive effect. Maybe looks aren’t important to you when it comes to your engine, but you can be sure that looks matter to race car drivers!

Trucks That Transport What We Need Across The Country

Diesel engines found in moving vans and heavy-duty trucks that carry our goods across the country rely on silicone tubing in their engines for both performance and economics. It might cost more to transport your food and the wares you buy for your home and yard (and for yourself) if it weren’t for silicone.

Life Is More Economical Thanks To Silicone Hoses

Which brings us to cost of living overall. If manufacturers had to pay a great deal of money for the equipment and materials they need inside processing and manufacturing plants, you would have to pay a lot more for just about everything you purchase. Because manufacturers have an economical choice available in tubing, costs are kept in check. Silicone truly does keep life more affordable.

Choose Silicone Hoses Today!

If you want to learn about more ways that silicone hoses improve our lives, making us safer and more comfortable while keeping our cost of living down, contact Flex Tech today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help with your project. Our technical teams will even co-design your system with you for custom solutions!

We will work hard to find just the right parts that you need for your system, including connectors, reducers, elbows, clamps, and other components. When off-the-shelf parts aren’t enough, we will customize silicone hose parts for you. “Can’t” is not in our vocabulary; we believe in creating the right solutions for our clients! Reach out to Flex Tech for quality silicone hose products.

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