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All About Specialty Silicone Hoses


One of the great things about using silicone hoses for your industrial or manufacturing applications is the flexibility these products offer. Specialty silicone hoses abound, able to meet many different needs. We’ll go over some of these specially designed items in today’s blog post.

Medical Grade

Medical grade silicone tubing and hoses are especially suited for medical and pharmaceutical applications where purity is of the utmost importance. The medical industry has stringent requirements for cleanliness and non-toxicity, and medical grade silicone tubing can meet these conditions while offering tremendous affordability.

Vacuum Hoses

These find use in many non-pressured or vacuum applications in the presence of extreme working conditions, including high temperatures. You’ll find vacuum hoses in the aerospace industry, performance engines, marine applications, bus cooling systems, off-highway vehicles, food and beverage processing, and many other important global industries.

Reducer Hose

This type of hose is used when the speed of flow needs to change from one point to the next in a system. Reducer hoses connect other hose parts of differing diameters. They are strong, flexible, durable, and resistant to electrochemical degradation.

Air Cooling

Virtually any type of air cooling application can use silicone hose technology as a reliable, affordable choice. Applications where heat exchange is involved to cool regions large or small can successfully make use of silicone tubing.

Radiator Hose

Silicone radiator hoses are a great alternative to the rubber hose option connecting a car’s radiator to other systems within the vehicle. Silicone can be easier to insert and replace, since it’s very flexible, and its durability in an extreme environment means it holds up well in cars and other vehicles.

Specialty Silicone Hoses

Learn More About Specialty Silicone Hoses

These are just a few examples of specialty silicone hoses that are available for use in environments that are harsh, in high-temperature applications, when purity is crucial, and in other special-case applications.

If you have any specialized or custom application requirements, get in touch with the technical team at Flex Technologies. As providers of quality silicone hose products, we can answer your questions and locate (or customize) just the right parts for you to meet your specifications.

In fact, our quality silicone hose products are regularly used in many different industries, including the following:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics Manufacturing
  • Performance Engine Design
  • Aerospace And Aviation
  • Cooling And Refrigeration
  • Manufacturing
  • Diesel Truck Engines
  • Water Treatment
  • Food And Beverage Processing
  • And Many Others!

We’ve helped many clients develop custom-fit solutions. From microbreweries to medical supplies manufacturers, Flex Tech is there for you with our customized solutions and our knowledgeable technical staff.

Take a look at our infographic below to learn why we’re a great choice when you’re weighing your options for silicone hose suppliers. If you have any questions about our company or our products, feel free to reach out to us today!