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The ABC’s Of Why To Use Silicone Hoses In Industrial Applications!


Are you designing a system for an industrial application? If so, you have many choices in terms of parts at your disposal. One of those options comes in the form of silicone hoses. Why should you choose silicone hoses and tubing for your next design? Read on to learn 26 great reasons!


Many industrial designers turn to silicone hoses for affordability (although this isn’t the only reason). Especially when compared to metal pipes and hoses, silicone is far more economical. For companies that are particularly budget-conscious, having an affordable solution can make the difference between moving forward with a new, more efficient design or staying stuck with an outdated one.


Metal doesn’t bend very much! Silicone does. Many applications require tubing that bends easily, and for these cases, silicone is the way to go. Picture your design; do you need hoses that turn corners and wrap around existing equipment? If so, then silicone hoses offer what you’re looking for.


Another great thing about silicone is that you can customize solutions. If you don’t find a specific part that you need, no problem; talk with our technical team at Flex Tech and we’ll work with you to create custom silicone parts.


In an intense industrial setting, you need connectors that will not fail. Silicone hoses go through rigorous testing to ensure they work well under a wide range of variables. You can depend on these parts, whatever industry you’re in.


Silicone hoses do not experience loss or degradation, which means that they can efficiently transport gases and liquids. If industrial efficiency is important to you, turn to silicone.


There are many reasons you’ll find silicone hoses in car and aircraft engines, but a prime reason is how flexible they are. If you need to install hoses and tubing in small, cramped, and very tight spaces, silicone is a great option.

Great Customer Experience

When you order parts from Flex Tech, a leading international supplier of silicone hose components, connectors, and tubing, you will have access to great customer service, from start to finish. We don’t just let you blindly choose parts; we will guide you, when you need it, so that you’ll get the exact parts you seek for your design, no matter how “out there” it may be!

Heat Resistance

Are you operating under high temperatures? You’ll be happy to know that silicone hoses resist heat, and specialized parts are available that can operate reliably even at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit!

Impurity Blocking

Many industries have strict purity requirements. If yours is one of these, you’ll be glad to discover that silicone hoses do not leach into the liquids or gases they’re transporting. They also block external impurities from entering in. This makes them an ideal choice when purity is critical.


That’s right, we wrote “jazzy”! That’s because silicone tubing comes in a range of colors. While the standard hues are generally blue, red, and black, we can customize hues if you need a different color scheme.


Thanks to their sleek, smooth appearance, their availability in different colors, and their flexibility, a design that incorporates silicone hoses lends itself well to a tidy, kempt look. If you want a neat, tidy presentation on the manufacturing floor (or anywhere else), opt for silicone.


Hoses and tubes come in a range of lengths, so you have a healthy level of design flexibility available to you. If you require non-standard lengths, once again we can work with you on customization.

Manufacturing Settings

Regardless of the industrial or manufacturing setting you need to design for, silicone will likely stand up to the rigors that are present. It’s strong, durable, chemical-resistant, heat-resistant, and flexible, making it ideal for countless manufacturing environments.


For anyone needing practical, no-nonsense solutions, silicone fits the bill. In addition to being affordable, it’s highly reliable. And flexible. And resistant to all kinds of environmental factors, from high temperatures and high humidity, to the sun’s sometimes damaging rays, and much more. It’s a great option when you need a practical, economical design.


Another word for accommodating! You can rest assured that these hoses will accommodate your needs, making them an obliging choice.


Our silicone hoses are popular choices for thousands of businesses because they meet so many requirements, from being reliable to not costing an arm and a leg.


Since they have to meet industry-specified requirements, and they go through extensive testing, silicone hose parts are high-quality components.


We’ve mentioned it several times already, but we’ll say it again … silicone hoses and tubing are highly reliable!


What’s more, they are strong. If they can withstand the rigors of airplane engines and race cars, you know that strength is integral to their composition!

Temperature Resistant

We’ve already covered heat resistance. But you know what? They can also handle very low temperatures, which makes them great for many applications that involve refrigeration (or, systems that need to operate outdoors in cold, snowy climates).


Yes, we had to throw in this adjective! Uber means super or high level, and that’s exactly what our silicone hoses and tubing are. We proudly stand behind our products, which consistently deliver a high level of quality (uber quality!).


Our products are versatile, since they’re suitable for so many different industries and applications. What’s more, they offer you design versatility when you’re putting your industrial or high-performance system together.

Water Resistant

Do you need parts that can handle high-humidity environments? Turn to silicone hoses, which are water- and humidity-resistant.

eXcellent For Many Industries

We can’t stress this point enough; whether you’re designing a processing plant or the next great car engine, silicone is an eXcellent choice!

Years Of Life

You want your system to last a long time. For a reliable industrial design with many years of life to offer before you have to upgrade the system, be sure to incorporate strong, reliable silicone hoses for your tubing needs.


Sure, it rhymes with jazzy, and these hoses are definitely zazzy! They can give any design an exciting flair thanks to the color combinations you can use and the shiny, smooth look that they present.

We’ll Help You With Your Order

Now that you know 26 different reasons to use silicone hoses in your applications, turn to Flex Tech, an industry leader in flexible silicone hoses and tubing. We’re here to help you find just the right part to fit into your design. Our technical team even helps many of our clients come up with custom solutions that meet stringent specifications. For assistance, contact Flex Tech today!