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Several Important Silicone Hose Considerations In Food Production


Food and beverage production standards are high, and rightfully so. If anything goes wrong during production, the consequences can be devastating.

To ensure a safe and seamless production process, consider using silicone hoses. Here are several important considerations to keep in mind.

They’re Already Used Extensively In Sensitive Industries

Silicone tubing is already used throughout many production industries that are especially sensitive to maintaining high levels of quality. These industries include food and beverage preparation, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and biotechnology.

All of these industries are particularly sensitive to impurities; if anything enters the stream of production to ruin the batch, it has to be thrown away. It’s best to design and build a production system that will prevent impurities from entering in, and silicone hoses can be an integral part of such a system.

Silicone Is Temperature-resilient

In food processing plants both large and small, temperatures can range from very low to very high, depending on what type of food is being made. Similarly, breweries require specific temperature ranges for optimum results. Bakeries often operate in high temperatures and high-humidity environments.

With this in mind, silicone once again makes a great choice for tubing systems. Silicone hoses can withstand high temperatures, low temperatures, steam, and varying degrees of humidity.

Hoses made for food and beverage production purposes need to meet industry specifications, including ones set forth by the FDA and similar organizations. Check with your silicone hose manufacturer to make sure that industry requirements and your own industrial processing needs are being met by the products you plan to purchase.

Hygiene and Safety

In any food- or beverage-related processing industries, hoses come into direct contact with items that will be consumed by people or animals. They have to be made from materials that are approved for contact with foods or consumable liquids.

Thankfully, silicone hoses made for food production adhere to high standards in food safety and sanitation. Whether choosing cleaning in place (CIP) or sterilization in place (SIP) as the cleaning method for your system, make sure that the particular silicone hoses you purchase can be used for these approaches.

High-purity Silicone Hoses

It goes without saying that nobody wants particles from the material that the hose is made of to leach into the food or liquids being produced or treated. That’s why high-purity silicone hoses are a good choice in food- and beverage-production industries.

To preserve the quality and taste of the resulting food or beverage, opt for silicone hose products that will not react chemically and will not taint the flavor or overall quality of the ingredients passing through the tubes.

We Can Help With Your Food Production Needs

At Flex Technologies, we employ the highest manufacturing standards to design and build silicone hoses suitable for food production, as well as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. We work closely with our customers to ensure they’re purchasing the right parts and using the silicone hose pieces that meet or exceed the standards for their specific industries.

Our success depends on YOUR success, and we make sure to guide you to the products that will serve you best. Reach out to us for any assistance you may need!