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What To Consider When Mixing And Matching Silicone Hose Parts


Silicone Parts Are Made To Connect

Silicone hoses are used in countless applications. You’ll find them in car and airplane engines, manufacturing assembly lines, cosmetics production facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, food processing companies, and much more.

They are versatile, strong, durable, and affordable, which is why so many companies use them. What’s more, they’re made to connect to other silicone parts, as well as to parts made from different materials.

This is good news for anyone designing a system that needs hoses somewhere along the line. It means that mixing and matching parts is not an obstacle to designing an efficient, cost-effective system. If you have questions about how to connect different components, your silicone hose vendor can address them.

Here are some parts to keep in mind when you’re coming up with your system design.

Hose Clamps Simplify The Job

How do you implement a way to hold silicone tubing in place? What do you do to keep silicone hoses from moving around or to prevent them from getting in the way? One answer comes in the form of stainless steel clamps.

These clamps come in dozens of different sizes and configurations, able to fit a broad spectrum of hose sizes. Strong and durable, stainless steel clamps offer an effective solution when you need to bolt silicone hoses into place without damaging them.

Options Exist For Straight Hoses And Silicone Tubing

In terms of the hoses themselves, they come in rolls of silicone tubing or as pieces of straight hose.

Rolls are available for different types of silicone hoses, including the following:

  • High-performance silicone vacuum hoses
  • High-performance silicone tubing (not vacuum rated)
  • Silicone heater hoses

Your vendor can inform you what sizes (including length, diameter, and wall thickness) are available for each product type.

Straight hoses also come in a wide range of diameters, lengths, and product types. Here are some options to consider using:

  • 4-ply compliant silicone
  • Convoluted polyester reinforced flex hose with wire support
  • 4-ply woven reinforced turbo hose
  • 2-ply silicone

These hoses come in different colors, enabling you to color-code your design, as needed. The main colors you can choose from are red, blue, and black, but colors can be customized, in some cases.

How Elbows Can Help

Whether you have a lot of space to work with or you need to include silicone hoses in tight spaces, elbows can be of tremendous value. Typically, silicone elbow parts come in 90-degree or 45-degree versions, although different angles can be obtained  through customization. Elbows are useful when you need to have your silicone tubing turn corners or travel down a different direction.

Connecting Hoses With Different Diameters

But what about interfaces between hoses of different diameters? You’ll be happy to learn that these parts exist, too! They’re called silicone reducer hose, and they’re available in a range of diameters to connect different types of silicone hoses together. There’s also something called a silicone hump hose coupler that is useful for making minor adjustments in an engine design, which you may find handy.

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Mixing Different Parts Together

If you have questions or concerns about mixing components made from different materials, get in touch with FlexTech. We regularly help our clients who create designs that incorporate our silicone hoses and metal tubes, rubber hoses, and hybrid parts. We can help you come up with the specifications you need and work with you on calculations, making sure everything will fit together seamlessly while being able to handle the capacity flowing through your system. We’re here to help you!

Contact FlexTech For Help

We hope we’ve illuminated for you the many possibilities of incorporating silicone hoses and tubing into your design. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to FlexTech. We are the silicone hose manufacturer and distributor that countless businesses turn to for quality parts and technical solutions.

Our clients are located throughout the nation and even around the world. They come from a wide range of industries and turn to our quality silicone hose parts for affordable solutions that get the job done right. Our in-house technical teams work closely with clients to ensure the right parts are being used; what’s more, we can create custom parts, when needed. For more information,  contact us today!

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