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Top Reasons For Requesting Custom-made Silicone Hoses


Silicone hoses are available in many different lengths, diameters, and configurations, as well as several colors. Despite this, there are times when customized silicone hoses are called for. Find out some of the top reasons businesses need customization.

Different Sizes

While a wide range of silicone hose sizes are available in off-the-shelf parts, some of our clients need very specific lengths and diameters to achieve their design goals. Lengths and diameters can be customized to attain compatibility with other system components, or to fit into especially small, tight, or oddly-configured designs.

Non-standard Colors

Our standard colors are blue, red, and black. However, there may be instances when you need other hues, either for color-coding purposes, or because aesthetics matter in your particular application. For example, you may be designing performance engines for race cars, and you need eye-popping colors to show off your engines to enthusiasts, competitors, or sponsors.

Higher Temperatures

While standard parts can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees, and high-temp silicone hoses can function without degrading at even higher temperatures, you may have specific temperature requirements that can be attained only through additional customization.

Higher Performance

Our technical team regularly works with clients to help achieve the greatest performance possible in everything from engines to manufacturing equipment. If you’re designing a system that pushes the limits of performance, you may benefit from customized silicone hoses that meet your strict specifications.

Silicone Hose Parts

A Different Shape

Browse through our catalog and you’ll find silicone hose parts in a range of shapes. However, your new design may require a custom part we don’t carry. This is not a problem; if you need a different shape, we’ll be happy to work with you to create new parts that meet your custom-fit needs.

Additional Specifications

This just scratches the surface of the types of customizations we can do for our clients. If you simply don’t know if your unconventional specifications can be met, we recommend bringing your questions to us. We’ll do everything in our power to create the exact custom parts that meet your exceptional requirements!

Turn To Flex Tech Today

Based in California, we serve clients throughout the United States and into Canada. We are known as leaders in silicone hose and tubing solutions because of our quality parts, exceptional customer service, technical knowledge, and willingness to customize as needed.

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