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Ways To Make The Most Of Color-Coded Silicone Hoses


Silicone hoses are useful in a number of designs in manufacturing and processing settings. They’re also used in any type of design that involves the transfer of fluids or gases, including airplane engines, performance car engines, refrigeration systems, and more.

In all of these designs, color coding can be put to use. Read about how to make the most of the different colors silicone hoses come in.

What Colors Are Available?

At Flex Tech, a premier silicone hose manufacturer and distributor based in California and serving customers nationwide, we have three standard colors available:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Black

However, if you need colors other than these, don’t despair! Custom colors are available through special order. Be aware that some minimums may apply. If you absolutely need a specific silicone hose color for your design beyond the standard hues that are available, contact us. We’ll let you know whether or not this is doable, explaining why it can (or can’t) be done. Our goal is to work with you to meet your design needs.

Hot And Cold

With the standard colors, you can differentiate different silicone tubing streams by temperature. Your cold fluids can travel through blue lines. Hot fluids can flow through red tubes. The black silicone hoses can be used for room-temperature contents. Temperature-related color coding can be useful in any processing facility that distributes or mixes ingredients that must be stored at different temperatures, for example.

Direction Of Flow

The standard colors can also be designed into a system to indicate direction of flow, if this is important to your design. Use one color for one direction, another color for the opposite direction, and the remaining hue for bidirectional flows.

Differentiating Contents

Red, black, and blue lines can also be used to differentiate the types of fluids or gases flowing through the silicone hoses in your processing facility. If you have additional contents that need to be identified, talk to us about possible custom colors.

Marking The Sensitive Nature Of Fluids

Some chemicals are more caustic or dangerous to individuals. These can be sent through red silicone tubing to warn anyone who interacts with or comes in contact with the system. Neutral chemicals can be distributed through black silicone hoses. Blue can designate additional channels, such as contents that are sensitive to chemical breakdown if exposed to light or heat, for example.

Custom Silicone Hoses

Other Ideas

What color-coding schemes can you benefit from in your designs? Here are additional ideas:

  • For Engines: Different colors can be used for either temperature distinctions, content differentiation, or for marking which fluids may be hazardous if anyone were to come into direct contact with them.
  • Maintaining Hygiene: Color coding can help you maintain the purity of ingredients for hygienic purposes. Items that are hypoallergenic, for example, need to maintain their integrity for the safety of the end user; color-coded silicone hoses can point these out to help workers avoid contaminating these production lines.
  • Cleaning Procedures: You will need to have cleaning procedures in place for periodically cleaning your manufacturing and processing systems; color coding can help guide employees on the correct cleaning methods and steps.

Turn To Flex Tech For More Information

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Flex Tech is a top silicone hose provider supplying quality hose parts and tubing for a wide range of industries across the nation. If you’d like to discuss your design with our technical teams, please contact us. We regularly work with our clients to help them come up with the best designs possible using our silicone hoses. We can help you identify and order the right parts, and we can also customize parts for you. Get in touch with Flex Tech today!